My precious mother -in- law flew all the way from Texas to Japan to see us! I pull out all the stops for anyone who is willing to withstand the two day torturous flight here. So today Luanne and I paid a visit to the Dr. Fish for some well worth feet pampering at a picturesque bath house spa. Dr. Fish derive from the carp family and their choice meal happens to be old scaly dead skin on the bottom of feet. I've read it's all the rage stateside at fancy spas, but here we paid a mere 10 bucks for our entire day at the pools and unlimited time with our skin-lovin friends. My dear friend Rebecca took me here a couple months ago and I could barely withstand a whole minute with the lil nibblers. But this time around they posted a sign explaining this therapeutic treatment was Cleopatra's number one beauty secret. So totally inspired by her majesty, I took the plunge and tolerated the gnawing and vibrating nips with fresh determination!! My feet are now smoother than a baby's butt! Here's some jaw dropping views of our day. 

The heated outdoor pool

Nana giving Gideon a swimming lesson

Footprint in the sand

Tropical paradise

The gorgeous bowls we ate our soba noodles from!

The view from our lunch cafe, sigh...

Gideon teasing the with his hands.

The had a feeding frenzy with Luanne's feet!