Friday, May 1, 2009

Homecoming Love

We are fast approaching the end of this deployment cycle, yippeee!!! I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to these situations, tearing up at the mere mention of reuniting family with deployed spouses, especially when it comes to kiddos! Our reunion will resemble these photos come Monday or Tuesday when Adam returns from the Phillippines. Thank you Lord. Bring on the homecoming love!

This is my all time favorite, sailor planting one on a nurse in Times Square, classic.

US Sailor Bending Young Nurse over His Arm to Give Her Passionate Kiss in Middle of Times Square Photographic Print by Victor Jorgensen

A kiss goodbye by live in iraq.

Sweet kisses-the veteran saluting kills me on this one.

Welcome Home by john rowland photographer.

Marine Homecoming Kiss by Lizzy B13.

This marine is meeting his firstborn for the first time following a 7 month deployment to Iraq.

A Mixture of Emotions by wanderlustphoto.

Norman Rockwell's depiction of a Marine's homecoming, so interesting. My dad was a big fan of Norman Rockwell, had many hanging in his office. Note the Japanese Rising Sun flag in his hands. For more on this story, click here

oNorman Rockwell - Homecoming marine by qphat.

(Photos courtesy of flickr)


DeLesline Caulder said...

Why didn't you include you first kiss photo from the Iraq return :) haha I can't wait!!!!!!

Maria said...

D- your too funny, I was gonna post it, but we weren't kissing in it, maybe this time?!!!

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