Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Pronounced koi-no-bori literally translated "carp banner." Carp are known as "koi" in Japan, meaning love and affection and considered a symbol of friendship. Around the end of April early May they celebrate children's day by hanging colorful carp banners throughout Japan to honor sons in hopes that they grow healthy and strong. We went out to admire this scene today, just stunning!

Olivia and Gideon admiring the koi flags

Hand Made Koinobori 3 by pokoroto.
Koinobori by ღĴęNňζ™.
The design world has also gotten in on the Koi craze!
Click here to view larger image
Click here to view larger image
Click here to view larger image

Loving this koi lamp

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kiki said...

maria! i just found yr incredible blog! (i'm so happy yr doing this!!!) in hawaii we'd celebrate japanese girls day and boys day with carp. and by the bento boxes! we'll have to go to teaism for some together in d.c. not the same i know, i know! but at least we can have a date together and do it! ;)

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