Wow, I've missed you guys! Its been crazy insane for me, but still loving every minute of my little photo biz! Wanted to share some of our pictures from our Christmas card including a few that didn't make the cut! I never hire a photographer to capture my two in point picture number one! They just want to run around and be themselves and G had a meltdown right on que! As well as the tourists who were happy to snap some for me, win win!
Here's us at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C

I seriously love this so much. Bo drew quite a crowd and all he kept doing to entertain them was jump off the step! Stuntman.

Gideon was yelling, "Kiss, Kiss" while he capture this moment!

This is me walking to Gideon to show him where to point the camera, good times.

Look who flew by!

B just wanted to run, so I had to be more fun than running around and jumping off stairs so swinging him around was a good option!

Annnnnd these are my absolute Gideon and all three of them running towards me. LOVE.

There's much I need to catch you up were moving to San Diego! But promise to update more frequently in the new year! Merry Christmas from ours to yours! God bless!