Monday, October 4, 2010

State fair

I will never tire of the State fair, the bright colors, animals, rides, and did I mention fried oreos? Oh yeah, we ate those along with crabcakes and fresh lemonade. I will be back next year.


Nikki said...

What beautiful pictures!!
Looks like a fantastic time!


Anna said...

That top photo encapsulates so much of boyhood. Love it.

(And ... fried Oreos?? I take it they were good??)

Rachel at The Inspired said...

Very cute pics, I love the vibrant. My brother is a marine who is deployed right now, Bless our troops! :) Nice to stumble upon your blog! Check mine out if you have a chance :)

Sydney said...

wow. Just LOOK at all your pictures! Such inspiration you have going here! Those two rooms at the top are seriously fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will CERTAINLY be back for more!! :)

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