Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Burnin idols

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It all came to a head when I heard a sermon at church on sunday about Jonah...you know the one who got swallowed by a whale? The prophet who never really got it?! Well, sometimes that's me too, it usually takes me more than one time to get the message. Here's the message I need to burn some idols in my life....I know your thinking idols? Well everyone's got em....anything that takes the place of God. For me, its this dang computer, I'm always on it! So I'm gonna step down from posting as frequently here on Johns Journal because with the photography gig, working as a nurse, being a mom and wife...something's gotta give. It really became apparent when I couldn't figure out where my husband was yesterday! He's gone so much I could have sworn he was in D.C when he was in the Northeast! Yep that actually happened! How embarassing not to mention what a bad wife! Just wanted to give everyone a head's up that I'm still here just trying to maintain priorities! Don't worry will still be keeping everyone updated aplenty!
Love you guys: you continue to be an inspiration and encouragement.
Off to Indiana for a few days, see ya thursday!


Megan said...

Have a safe trip to Indiana... it seems the hardest thing is finding a balance between it all, especially when you're wearing so many hats. You'll get there!

Anna said...

Bless you for engaging in your "priority shake down." I so relate.

Hugs and safe travels!

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