Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Perfect setup

Our philippians study started off with a bang, chalk full of rich encourgament, bravery, and inspiration. I decided to read ahead and stopped in my tracks with this:

  "Whatever happens conduct yourself in a manner worthy of Christ." Phil 1:27

Wow whatever happens? That phrase is in the good times, big things, little details, during the storm, rainbow, valleys and mountains. 
Here's my setup: Read the verse at night, went to bed. Got a call from work at 1:27am to come in but already scheduled on the day shift for a 12 hour that morning. GRRRRR. While I stew mumble and grumble trying to go back to sleep the bible verse pops in my head. 
Instant relief; the bible in action, good stuff.


Fran said...

V. cool. I need to remind myself of this (a lot)!! Thanks!

Nikki said...

Cute post!!


cami said...

Love this bible verse. Thanks!

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