My dear friend Katie nominated me for the Versatile blogger award, thanks girl!
Here's how it works:
1. Thank whoever gave you the award.
2. Tell 7 things about yourself readers might not know
3. Pay it forward by nominating other bloggers!

Here's my little unknown facts!

1. I met Jesus when I was sixteen and have never been the same!
{putting together my faith story right now!}

2. When I "grew up" I wanted to be an olympic gymnast. I ate, slept and breathed gymnastics!

3. The moment my husband sat next to me, I knew he was "the one." The first thing I noticed about him was his hands!

4. I finshed 22nd in the nation in the NCAA division 3 College Diving championships on the 1 and 3 meter boards, but I never loved that sport! Lots of swimmers ear and chlorine everyday at 5am!

5. My sister and I are born on the same day on year apart and we are the best of friends.

6.I perfomed in all my highschool musicals and never met a musical I didn't love.

7. Constantly struggle with wanderlust and this time its for Turkey and Greece!

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