Sunday, July 11, 2010

Greek party, Opa!

In honor of Angela's birthday, a professor of Classics we threw a Greek party! Opa!
It was so much fun to whip up the food and learn a thing or two about Greece, I love parties!

Custom designed invite from evite

Greek themed decorations

I actually put the Birthday girl to work and begged for her spanokopita recipe, it was so therapeutic and fun to make together.

If you can't get to Greece anytime soon like me, this is one way to experience their culture, through food!

My labor of love, baklava

Party tips:

-enlist help
-make as many things as possible ahead of time so you can enjoy yourself
-buy some items at the grocery store {picked up the hummus, grape leaves, and falafel from a greek cafe}
-ask people to bring something specific
-go with a theme, makes decorating and food a no brainer
-paper party-ware = easy clean up
-use what you got, made the signs from wrapping paper and ribbon from the closet
-go casual buffet style, makes everyone relax
-have fun, its a party!

Stay tuned for Gideon's "A very hungry caterpillar party" and to see my indian soiree from last year go here!


Nikki said...

Awww this looks like such a beautiful party! Love the tips.


Elle Sees said...

Food looks DELISH! Oh, how I'd love to visit Greece on day.

D e g a i n e said...

Beautiful photo's, all that food looks amazingly delicious, I made some stuffed grape leaves myself a few weeks ago, thanks for the tips!


Pink to Green said...

You made all my favorites... I hope I can use all these ideas someday to throw a part because it looked like such a great time! I love the decor too, great job!

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