Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indian Soiree

Last night the inner Martha came out and I threw a dinner party paying homage to my India trip! It was a fun time had by all, particularly me. Everyone took turns donning a sari and dazzled with bindi on their foreheads!! Not to be outdone by the rich Indian fare-curries, naan, dahl, mango lassi's, chutneys and raita that everyone made! Actually the bash was two fold: to savor some Indian spices and to have one last hurrah with some great women.
Nothing bonds sisters together like birthing babies and supporting one another through numerous deployments. I truly believe God intended us to live in community bearing oneanother's burdens just as the military community does here in Okinawa. My dorm-like living in the tower lends itself easily to an open door policy, easily borrowing anyone's sugar!!! This people-lovin extrovert is gonna be at a loss when I can't barge in on my neighbors anymore!
I LOVE YOU GUYS and will miss you dearly....sniff sniff.

The indian spread

Carmen enjoying her "indian burrito" staying true to her Mexican roots!

Rebecca sporting fashionable indian threads!

Bilgen is a Turkish delight in this Indian sari!

Delesline striking a bollywood pose!

Breeanna and Cheryl

Megan, Breeanna, Carmen, me, and Bilgen

D and me

Cheryl modeling her sari

"How does this thing work?"

Blue beauties!

Becca taught us how to put on the 4 yards of sari!

Shauna giving rayna love.



Caroline and her Indian dress.

Rayna, the Indian princess looking darling in an outfit mom picked up for her in Singapore!

Andy and Colter lookin fierce

Cathryn and Zeyla, best buddies

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! It looks like you all had a great time...sorry I missed it!!!
Being here in Yakota listening to the best of the music students in the far east is amazing!!
Looking forward to catching up with you soon, it seems one of us is always gone!!! Carrie

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