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Full Weekend

Were back from Jersey! We had a fun full time and are so happy to be back home. There would have been a ton more pictures minus the jersey typhoon that greeted us and if I remembered my nikon memory card, grrr.
All in all our time was filled with some good friends, good eats, and lots of animals!

Here's a snippet of the 88 acre ranch we stayed on!

One of the beautiful horses scattered throughout the acres.

Gideon in animal heaven!

Gobbled up my favorite eggplant ricotta pizza, it was as good as it looks.

But the highlight hands down was meeting Gideon's newest cousin, Allison Leigh! Welcome to the world sweet lil red head, we love you.


  1. How fun! The pizza looks delish, the ranch-blissful-and sweet bebe Alison...gorgeous! It's so good to ehar you had a wonderful time.


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