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Favorites Friday: Retreat

I've missed you guys this week!! I was called into work on my day off and next thing I know the week was over! I couldn't be more thrilled because I'm off to New Jersey for some well-needed R&R! Here's hoping for good weather on my retreat!

Get-away look and feel via thecitysage

Still need to pack!

Hope to indulge in sweetness on my mini vacay!

Perhaps even a bike ride on the Ocean city boardwalk.

I've yet to take in the local art of my hometown, sounds like a good possibility! Regardless of what we end up doing, Ill be sure to share when we get back Tuesday and take you on my hometown tour. Until then, have a great weekend everyone, I know I will!


  1. I hope you have the best time. be sure to relax:)

  2. Enjoy your NJ-getaway!! Boardwalk bike rides and art sound like the perfect way to spend a weekend.


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