Prepping myself to enter the overwhelming healthcare world as a nurse again, hoping to cast all apprehension and jitters aside becoming a fearless advocate for patients! Here's some images to inspire boldness!

"Perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18)

Truly visionary photography via max wagner

This one's slightly random, but I do think kimono's are bold plus Im missing Okinawa, Japan a bit lately! via max wagner

Fearless outfit {Emma Watson} via Teenvogue

Really enjoying taylor's newest tunes released on the platinum edition {I'm a Jersey girl by birth, but southern at heart!}

Mark Batterson takes on fearlessness

Wishing the Marine Corps a very Happy 234th Birthday and will be dancing and dining happily in my fancy shmancy gown at the Ball this weekend!

Hope everyone else has a ball of a weekend too!