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Shanghai, China

Shanghai with the family friendly Four Seasons hotel

We did a very small portion of Shanghai in just 3 days!@ Here's what I loved and would recommend!
The bus tour- Shanghai is large and spread out, so this is your best bet to as much as possible. We used the bus tour to get to the BUND (the very European section of Shanghai along the river, pearl tower, and Yu Garden. The Bund was my absolute favorite, but I have a thing for European architecture, so it was absolute heaven to me! Yu garden was jammed pack with people, shoulder to shoulder. On our last day we did Shanghai Disney and it was beyond amazing, we needed more time there. Since the park was built in 2016 it contained all the latest and greatest tech, mind-blowing truly. A must do with kids!
If I had another day I would have done an excursion out of the city to the old water town: Zhujiajiao Ancient town about 1,700 years old.

Yu Garden and Pearl Tower!

One of the highlights of Shanhai, hands down. Disneyland. Built in 2016 meant all the latest and greatest tech, mind-blowing!



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