We happily fell of the grid for the last few days and were delightfully relocated to Virginia Beach because of our 4 day power outage! That storm rolled in with a fury and to be honest I've never seen anything like it nor hope to again. A funny little thing happens when we lose power, we lose our water too because we have our own well. So no running water, showering or flushing....yes it gets very interesting. So off we went to Virgnia beach and Virginia beach, I take back all those preconceived ideas I had about you in my mind. Your Kohr brothers ice cream, clean beach, and delicious seafood was total bliss for a mom with two littles. And we will be seeing you again. 
I would have summery joyful pictures for you, but I chose not to lug my heavy camera and delight in the moment! 

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Happy belated fourth, we are still firing off fireworks and eating all things grilled!