We have roughly a year left and then we find out if we will be here longer or move. So there will be no purchases for the house in light of a possible move, but if our time is extended my list is getting longer by the minute for things that need updating or replacing. Honestly, I don't think we'll buy again until our kids are grown, they seriously wreak havoc on our house! Pretty sure I did the same as a youngin, sorry Mom!
Which brings me to our deck set which is from ikea so that already explains its life line of 2 years. Gideon literally tore off a piece of wood on top and Boaz pulled the end extension piece right off, my boys are destructive.
This unique set caught my eye for the price ($279 for the whole set) and the style! Most deck spaces are squared off so when you add a circular piece it really brings interest to the eye. A good thing to note in design in general, when you have a lot of 90 degree angles in a room, add something circular!