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I don't know what I'm doing!

Turns out running a small business isn't all fun and games! My eyes are starting to cross at the amount of time I spend staring at the computer while editing countless pictures! Its a total joy to snap the pictures and I do enjoy the artistic process of editing but the editing time is obscene! I feel completely unbalanced these days and I need change! Starting next month I'm hoping to limit sessions and spend more time with the Lord (number 1) my husband (number 2 ) and kiddos (number 3) and whatever's left goes to photography! I'm in quite the reverse state of priorities these day! Thanks for listening I feel much better now!
Oh and for those who asked my shed is in a big pile of wood in the backyard! I've been doing the "studio" sessions in my basement! Ha tricked ya! I'll keep you updated on the shed progress should be put together today!

And for more crazy cute kiddos, "like" my fb page I update that the most!


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