Many many months ago, I bought G a pair of spiderman pj's to my chagrin after much begging at the store. I hate when he begs and even more when I relent. Anyway, no sooner do we get home and he refuses to wear them, says he's too afraid. Huh? I'm so confused, but it's not the first time I've been confused as a parent! I do understand fear very clearly and will no way make him wear them if he's afraid. 
Every now and then I sneak them out for him to wear pretending like he's not afraid or praying he's forgotten that feeling! But he remembers every time and quickly tucks them back in the drawer. Then yesterday, it happened. I pulled them out and he comes running out with them on, exclaiming, "Mommy, I'm not afraid anymore." I'm in shock thinking....just like that, huh? It was just a choice to him and just like that, I said to my fears, when husband is gone and its dark and I hear stuff in the night I'm not gonna be afraid either! Bam, take that fears.