Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My number 1 goal this Spring

First on the to-do list for Spring is to grow a garden! Since my bit of luck last Spring/Summer with growing plants proved to be somewhat successful I'm hoping to do a box garden with fruits, veggies, and flowers. Now, I need all you green-thumbed people out there to send me your tips, pretty please!

image via

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow"


Wendy (SpikesnSparkles) said...

can't wait to see what tips you get - I have the same goal but have no idea where to start!

Anna said...

What a glorious way to make use of a small garden space. This photo is lovely!

Ewa said...

Lovely blog, got here via a link, i'll keep scrolling but stopped here and need to comment. I live in a house with a beautiful oriental garden which was already mature when I moved in. Took me years to get it back into shape again - was severely overgrown. Never had a garden before and had no idea how therapeutic gardening would be and how much i'd enjoy it. I'm moving houses soon, it's a new built coming with landscaped front garden and turfed back garden. I can't wait to plan my new back garden my way, planting things I want, etc. For the past few months i've been taking books from the library on gardening - and this is my tip, read read read to learn as much as possible before you do anything - saves on silly mistakes!

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