Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorites Friday: Shout outs

My biggest accomplishment was manning the grocery store this week with both was no easy task but I survived! You mommas with 3 and more are my heros, seriously.
 I have to say the brightest spots in my week were the special notes, emails, and shout outs I received from all of you. How can I thank you enough? You made a tough week, full of sunshine!
Here are my shout outs right back at ya!

Fran from Green Street rocked her roman shades in greek key trim, I'm speechless and amazed; they look killer, Fran! Head over to her amazing blog to say hello and find out her big news!

Spearmint baby is a fantastic blog with all things momma baby featuring diys, birth stories, and wonderful photography! Thanks for the lovely feature on Bo's room!

Check out Jena from livingcolor, isn't her dining room amazing! Her site features homes and their paint colors, taking the guess work out of choosing colors, so smart! Thanks Jena for having me!

Some more link love:

Amber is using this amazing fabric for her roman shades

This is the epitome of summer, along with her hair!

I've always wanted to do a fish tail braid

Just me and the boys this weekend, wish me luck!
So incredibly thankful for my newest blessing, I'm in awe and wonder! Thank you Lord!
Have a lovely weekend, friends.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Spearmint Baby.... {sigh}, I think I love you. Always fun to find a new-to-me blog.

I love dining rooms that have just the right combination of casualness, formality, and warmth.

Here's wishing you the very best this weekend. The baby/little boy juggling gets easier. I promise.

Meghan said...

Oh I am so impressed! Donovan is 6 months old and I still drop him off at my mom's every time I go grocery shopping. Now I'm feeling guilty... I simply can't imagine it with 2 let alone a newborn. You're way more amazing than you give yourself credit for. ;) I'm flying solo this weekend too. Wishing us both luck! Ha!

amber wallace said...

Wow thank you so much for the shout back! I just finished them and still have fabritac on my fingers! I will final pictures up Monday. Have a great weekend!

Jackie said...

Getting used to having two kids took a long time for me. Kudos on a successful grocery trip and good luck this weekend going at it alone. You can do it!


awesome! check out

Fran said...

Congrats on the grocery store trip!! I can't imagine, but I better start soon!! :) Thanks for the shout out, sorry I'm so late in checking in. Our house goes on the market this week and we've been so busy!! Hope things are going well!!

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