Friday, June 3, 2011

Favorites Friday: Baby finds

Phew, so glad this week has come to an end, it wasn't an easy one for me. Here's a few cute baby boy finds that I don't need, but wouldn't mind!

Owl hat for those first photos via mymimi'slove

This is our stroller that came in the mail yesterday, so Gideon can sit/stand on the back and Boaz can ride in the front plus its ultra light weight, easy to manuever, and can hold the infant car seat too!

How perfect are these for rough and tumble boys. These crib shoes were my favorite with Gideon because they never fell off and kept their feet warm.

Adorable Noah's ark onesie via tinyvesselapparel

More links:

Bacon lovers mac n cheese

I did this alot this week

Almost ate the floor this week as I was entering my patient's embarrasing; this print sums up that moment!

Happy weekend, friends we'll be at the pool, grilling, and going to a work picnic! Hope yours is fun and relaxing. Thanks for all the encouragement with the baby this week, I needed it more than you know!


amber, this is the life said...

that owl hat photo is precious!!

JillGG said...

oh my gosh, that owl hat is to die for!  So sweet!  My kids both wore Robeez until it was silly for them to be wearing anymore!  I LOVED those shoes for babies.  They are great for new walkers too because their toes can still grip the floor.  So sweet!

Chette said...

I soo love the stroller XD hehe. I love the pics... I'll try to save some pics, so that when I become a Mom I have an idea XD

Ria said...

The first hat. Oh gosh. I love it!

Anna said...

Oh, I always wanted a sit & stand stroller! I never did manage to snag one, but this one you've pictured looks like such a good design! Perfect!

Enjoy your nesting days!

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