Thursday, April 28, 2011

The solution for a cluttered desktop {pinterest}

Completely jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and smitten by its concept of "pinning" all your favorite images while Pinterest neatly organizes them on different boards. So handy, smart, and creative, don't ya love genius ideas?! I will warn you, its highly addictive!
Here's some of my pins:

Wisteria is my favorite spring flower

Striped shirt plus maxi skirt.

 Gorgeous blue kitchen
Key lime pie popsicle

Fishtail braid!

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J'Anns Boutique said...

I am really loving striped tops and maxi skirts this spring...just saw a pink and grey striped top with a green maxi skirt...can u say gorgeous?

Hope your little bun is nice and warm in the oven!

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Katie Baba Nielson said...

oh, lovely! i tried to join pinterest yesterday, but apparently, it is so popular, you need an invite! i imagine it will be an addiction here, too.

maria said...


casey said...

The headline for your post could not be more perfect. This is why I love Pinterest! My computer desktop has never been cleaner. Between Pinterest and the blog, I will never have to pass by another image I love.

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