One of the sole reasons I work at the hospitals is to keep perspective. There's no way I can for one second think about myself as I tend people who shouldn't have cancer, disease, and heartache. This week I remain so thankful for all of the riches and I mean riches esepecially compared to the world (If you can read this, you are rich). My week started off at church featuring World help an organization that brings clean water to the nations. 6,000 children die everyday because of dirty water....astounding and unacceptable.  
These images just celebrate treasured moments in lives by the incredbily talented wildflowers photography.

Also of note:

Don't waste your cancer is one powerful blog.

Modern day Noah

The belted cardigan is my new go-to fall outfit!

Renting this lens for a month, wahoo!

Plan to hit up the pumpkin patch this weekend, hope you guys have a delightful one!