Thursday, September 16, 2010

Prayers outside the box

Husband and I text two to three word prayers back and forth through out the day, trying to stay connected to each other and our Savior! Its an exercise we've really grown fond of and has become revolutionary. Sometimes being short, sweet, and specific is best.

Some samples:
Yes Lord
Jesus help: (typically me at the hospital!)
More of you
lead me
show me
open my eyes

Dangerous prayers:
Give me your perspective
Use me, make me, mold me, break me
your will be done
your ways, not mine
Let me see with your eyes

Here's to dangerous and transformational prayers!


Linda said...

this is so great! thanks for sharing. i love hearing what others do to stay connected. just yesterday, bob and i took a much needed prayer walk and got some peace in a couple situations. so good!

Anna said...

Oh, I began to chuckle when I read "Dangerous Prayers."

Isn't that just how it feels at times! Even though we know full relinquishment is not only what is asked but what is ultimately always best ... it can be so hard.

I find myself praying "Dangerous Prayers" with an addendum something like "but please be gentle, Lord" or "with mercy, God!"

But yes. Even though it is an act of choice for me to say ... Here's to dangerous and transformational prayers!

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