Monday, September 13, 2010

North Carolina

North Carolina was full of fun, water, rides, and relaxation. I could easily live in their southern hospitality and slowed down pace. We stayed with a retired Navy seal and his lovely wife, whose home was filled with their world travel collections.

These are south american stirrups, a unique mantelscape, and their bathroom towel display.

We hit the pool and the beach.

On the way home, got in free at Busch Gardens if your military go here to check out the deal. I learned quickly that my days of spinning rides are officially over, total vertigo.

Even captured a little "back to school" photoshoot of these two cutes, go here for more shots of them!
All in all, a lovely relaxing time. Yes sweet tea, comfort foods, and southern hospitality suit me just fine!


Fran said...

Your friends home is so beautiful!! All your pictures are super adorable - looks like you guys had a blast!!

Rene said...

Your friends home sounds like such a treat to see. You poor thing. We recently went to Busch Gardens and I can totally relate. After the Alpengeist, I lost my breakfast in the azaleas. Funny, I had just said that I could ride roller coasters all day long. No more.

Jill GG (good life for less) said...

oh my! what great pictures... I love the sequin/cardi/glasses look. SO CUTE! Also, your son is just adorable - he seems to be the perfect mix of you and your husband! Looks like a great trip!

Anna said...

Oh, your menfolk are adorable!

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