Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorites Friday: girlie

My head is spinning, this photography thing is changing everything!!! We've got 3 shoots scheduled, yippee! Twin toddler girls are coming up and I'm thrilled beyond comprehension, bring on the headbands, tulle, frills, and all things girlie!

Had to post my favorite picture of Amanda from our shoot, isn't she drop dead gorgeous?
via kikiandmimiphotography

Other linky love:

Mark has relieved me of my ever elusive search for balance!

Off to NJ for the weekend with my sister, wahoo girl's trip!

Happy first weekend of Fall, enjoy!


Anna said...

Maria...that is a stunning photograph...and yes..drop dead gorgeous for sure! Happy Autumn as we would say here in Australia :) x

Merry said...

Hello Maria! I just started perusing the blogger space a short time ago and today,looking for a diy post I had remembered coming across a few months ago about how you(though I didn't go to your blog at the time)had made your own entry console;simple and lovely. Well, today I landed here in search for the instructions and I am so blessed to have discovered you, the actual you. I read about you and it practically brought tears to my eyes. You see, I have not seen anyone out there in blogger space that speaks of Jesus and of Him being their Savior. But here, you have and I am sighing because this is like a fresh wind just blew through. I have been born again just 9 years now. I live in California. I was also touched by your love and pride for your husband. May the Lord richly bless you and your precious family. So glad to have been led here.
And your photography is lovely. Mary

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