Thursday, July 15, 2010

Answered prayer

Remember when I was on the verge of a parental breakdown? I needed change for Gideon. Well, I prayed and prayed some more and guess what? He answered.
Took care of a patient whose daughter runs a small private preschool which meets in a church. Eight kids per class, field trips galore, and curriculum preparing for kindergarten. Yes please. Started two weeks ago and what a difference. Thank you Lord and for all you dear ones who encouraged me!

"May my prayer be set before you like incense,
may the lifting up of my hands by like evening sacrifice."
Psalm 141:2


Jackie said...

That's wonderful news! Natalie's school doesn't start up again until September, so I have a few months left to try and entertain her all day. It's no easy task with these strong-willed kiddos!

The Southern Lady said...

Wow! Look at Gideon's spelling and writing...I bet it does your heart and mind good to see him having fun and learning.

PS-I love the blue and terra cotta cmobination.

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