After gymnastics on Saturday Gideon and I decided to feed our inner Italian and tried out Noodles and company. Its a franchise that started in Boulder Colorado, their motto: "everything made fresh to order", yummy. I gobbled down my Lemon asparagus linguine in no time flat as did Gideon with his wisconsin cheddar mac n cheese. I could never be carb free, its anti-Italian, against my blood.

Our noodle happy grins.

LOVE their graphic design sign, cute noodle car!

This wall talked about food balance, hallelujah America needs this.

Lemon asparagus linguine with sugar snap peas, basil, mushrooms, feta, and tofu.

We'll be back! By the way, I snapped all these pictures on my iphone and amped them up with Tilt shift generator app! (How did I ever survive without my iphone?)