Thursday, May 6, 2010

Margherita pizza on the grill

I've been wanting to try pizza on the grill for awhile now and tonight we pulled it off, slightly burned on the bottom, but tasty nonetheless! Throw the dough on a pizza stone on top of the grill (used my pampered chef stone) and cover the lid and acts just like an oven. By the way, margherita pizza is hands down my favorite, simple and delicious- tomatoes, mozzerella balls, and basil.

Eating outside on our deck is our new favorite springtime thing.

And our deck space is starting to shape up, found these string of lights at Target, perfect for summer nights.


Emily C said...

margherita and bbq chicken are tied for my favorite pizzas. what a good idea to cook on the grill! i'll have to give it a try! and i've heard great things about the pampered chef stone.

Elle Sees said...

I want to try this. DO you know the history of the marg. pizza? Hint: look at the colors on the pizza. One of my faves.

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