So relieved to see this week come to a close... treaded in some deep waters-sickness, troubled patient {more on that later}, husband gone, and Gideon falling off 2 story rock wall-he's okay. So you can imagine how appropriately "everything falls" ministered to me.
Now with great relief onto Memorial day weekend festivities and images from this week to kickoff Summer!

I saw this and thought "summer" via flickr
This room has summertime sorbet written all over it via serenandlily

Fantastic deck inspiration board via pinktogreen

Since I live at the pool during the summer had to include this image, lovely hat too I might add via jcrew

Favorite gideon pic of the week {bubbles are our best friend}

Check out this divine strawberry shortcake recipe and equally drool worthy blog

Broken-hearted once again by India, but jumped at the chance to pitch in through this project

Big hugs to all of you for your sweet encouraging comments, they truly lifted me out of my miry pit! And to my lil big sister who entertains me while I'm sick, chases away the bogey-man (yes that happened, I'm the biggest chicken ever) and supports me in every way, love u.

Have a lovely sun-drenched Memorial weekend and God bless those who served and still serve.