Our first three days in the UK were spent in a little country town 40 minutes outside of London. This quaint sleepy town was just what the doctor ordered to wear off our jet lag and relax. While Adam flew simulators, I took many strolls around town, dips in the pool, and played with gideon at Fizzy kids
(an indoor jungle gym, God bless the person who invented this concept!)
Hanging out with moms at this playground was the best way to connect with locals!
I was thrilled to blend in, that is until I spoke!
How I miss walking to everything.

How beautiful are the colorful Farnborough homes?!

Chock full of cafes, restaurants, bookstores and boutiques.

Fun at Fizzy Kids, an upscale version of Chuck E. Cheese right in downtown.

My tomato, mozzerella, pesto panini at Fizzy kids.

One of my favorite parts about the UK was the diversity in food!

Nepalese Restaurant: mix of Indian and Thai

Nepalese beer

Italian Restaurant

Sun dried tomato and proscuitto pizza

Chlorine head from hours at the pool!

country park

Stay tuned for city sights tomorrow!