I must try this effect with my camera, we'll see how that goes! via pioneerwoman

Newspaper party ball via ilovelolliblog

Here's the New Year's party we didn't have cuz I had to work! via marthastewart

Cheers via marthstewart

Thought I include a few lifegoals {aka resolutions} for this coming year:
("without vision the people will perish" Prov.29:18)
Spiritual: Join a women's bible study and spend more time in the Word
Travel: Greece and Turkey preferrable together on a cruise and also Jamaica with my sister!
Food: Bake more even though it scares me because I never measure!
Professional: Consider a master's in Nursing
Family: Hoping to enlarge the family, preferably by one but twins run in the family, yikes!
Blog: Post my home tour, so everyone gets to come over!
Random: Tour the white house for crying out loud, read more, complain less, relish the moment, and pray unceasingly!

Here's to 2010 dear friends and family, thanks so much for reading, commenting, and emailing, your the best.