Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dress my windows

Racking my brain on figuring out how to dress my six dining room windows cheaply! Fabric and window panels all add up quickly. However, I came across this pretty picture from a delightful new blog to me (Full House) and fell in love with the patterned roman shades.

via housetohome and ashleywhittaker

I'd happily hang any of these fabrics roman-shade style in my charcoal colored dining room, now where did I put my sewing machine?! Or if your feeling crafty check out this amazing NO-SEW roman shade tutorial from Jenny at Little Green Notebook, she's a master diy-er!

fabrics via premierprints and quilthome


MamaGray said...

I need to see a picture of the windows...but do you want the roman shades to be functional? I just bookmarked this tutorial:

Anonymous said...

I saw some pretty cool curtains at World Market. They weren't too expensive. Have you checked there? One of their curtains was a Sari design. It totally made me think of you. - Rebecca

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