To work or not to work that is my current question! Some Mom's have no trouble staying at home after kiddos come along...its is a perfect fit and even slip easily into homeschooling and child rearing. I however tend to NOT manage my time well when left to my own demise and frequently eat the bread of idleness. I absolutely love being a nurse, however every moment away from my child leaves me with a tinge of guilt and wonder, what's a Mom to do?! I"ve talked with dozens of Moms with varying opinions and surmise it's completely personal and differs from person to person, so no judgement here. I recognize they are only young once and don't want a miss an ounce so my search for the ever elusive balance in life continues! Just wondering if anyone else struggles with this ongoing conundrum of mine?!

This picture is such a perfect dichotomy {girl in fancy ensemble on playground}, similar to the opposing forces I'm currently encountering! Although, rest assure my work uniform consists of navy blue scrubs and not that glamorous sequin number!

By the way, I love my new job, just miss Gideon and wonder about his preschool care?!