Friday, October 23, 2009

Favorites Friday: Into the woods

Loving our heavily wooded homesite and appreciate all the trees remaining fully intact!
Here's some favorite woodsy images from this week.

Stunning wooden door and lovely home tour via twoellie

via ffffound

Faux bois {french for false wood} wedding favors via designsponge

Tree bench and chandelier via thecitysage

Gideon pictures of the week: balancing on my sister's foot and wearing bunny ears even in Home Depot...we got some funny looks! (borrowed from his friend Finnley and YES he's man enough to wear pink!!)

Big thanks for all the warm and encouraging comments from this week, blogworld is like one big continual hug and I'm fully hooked, you guys are the best!
Have a lovely weekend.


paula said...

what great images. love the bunny ears the most though. happy weekend.

Jennifer Lee said...

Great images. I absolutely love that door!

Pink to Green said...

I'm headed over to D*S to learn about those wedding favors, they are so cute! Have a wonderful weekend xx

Blair said...

Oh fabulous collection. So in love with that lovely blue door.

christi said...

appreciating the change in seasons and celebrating them is something i've some to love ... in so california we don't really get them so i am so jealous of those who do! celebrate for me, please!

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