November 7th is this year's Military Ball, in which we put on our best duds (me- a fancy shmancy gown of some sort and hubs- his dress blues) dine, dance, and even eat cake! I'm thrilled to pieces to pause my usual activity of planes, trains, and automobiles and play the part of Cinderella for a night! In balls past, I've relied heavily on my wide array of bridesmaids dresses to do the job, but this year I'm looking to shake things up! Here's my favorite looks from the red carpet.

Vintage Glamour
I love the complete look of vintage glamour....the tousled hair, ruby red lips, and sleeved dresses!

Cut and Color
These looks make it happen for me using cut or color to create interest.

I plan on dragging this feature out a bit, so hope ya'll don't mind this detour of fashion indulgence!