In attempt to empty out my pantry and fridge as we move, this delightful creation was born! Its chopped up cherry tomatoes, goat cheese (and yes its a staple in my diet) and pine nuts (also a necessity). All told it took me ten minutes to make and even less to eat. Here's the full recipe, oh and I'm throughly Italian when it comes to measuring (I don't!) Enjoy!

Pillsbury pizza crust
Extra virgin olive oil
dried or fresh basil
pine nuts
carton of cherry tomatoes
goat cheese

bake Pillsbury pizza crust for 8 minutes at 425 (for extra crispy crust)
then, throw carton of cherry tomatoes with salt and basil in food processor and pulse to chop (or chop by hand)
lightly drizzle evoo over cooked pizza dough
spoon chopped tomatoes over pizza crust, then goat cheese dollops, and handful of pine nuts and place in oven for another 10-15 min at 425
only thing I would add is fresh basil for the perfect green topping!