The Tale of Despereaux based on the newberry award winning novel by Kate Dicamillo has me reeling. A mouse, rat, princess, and soup come together to weave a timeless (darker) fairy tale, packing an unforgettable punch. The narrator continual delivers insightful one line wonders:

"A hero doesn't appear until the world really needs one"

"Sometimes when your heart breaks it grows back crooked"

"Remember when we said grief was the strongest thing a person can feel? Well, it isn't. Because a single act of forgiveness can change everything"

Despite the G rating, sensitive kiddos should beware due to sinister characters and dark threads. However, this painted movie perfectly depicts redemption and forgiveness at its finest, making the 77x7 (Matt 18:22) concept from the Bible come to life. I'm completely taken by this lil big-earred mouse who's chock full of nobility, honor, and character, I think you will be too!