So I've been on quite the camera kick lately and having way too much fun with my newest toy, a digital SLR camera! I'm still a complete novice and soaking up every piece of info from youtube tutorials, here's some recent shots. Feel free to send me any tips!

click on me to see freckles!

Then I stumbled on this ridiculously ahhhmaazing photo gallery below:
 Your in love too, aren't you? It turns out this effect is called "Through the viewfinder" and is created by snapping a picture through the viewfinder of a digital camera into a very old old camera.
 I am full on obsessed with this effect and must have it, however I DO NOT have one of those antiquated cameras! But guess what? You can fake it, one word: photoshop! Here's where everyone erupts in loud applause, except for me. I am totally and completely inept at this mind boggling program. arrrrggghhh. Trust me, I spent most of Friday giving photoshop the evil eye. But for all you photoshop junkies wanting this effect here's a tutorial, but please refrain from showing me your finished results, I might actually shed a tear.
In the meantime, Ill continue to pine away for photos of the funky vintage kind, until someone wants to come over and spoon-feed me photoshop, hint hint!