Thursday, January 22, 2009

sushi and sayonara

Well, I've finally arrived to the world of blogging! Not sure if its a good or bad thing, but finding ways to increase communication falls under the good category in my book! Now my deploying husband can keep up with Gideon and I while he's transforming the world one helicopter ride at a time!
In our entire 4 years spent on Okinawa, I've yet to hear a native say "sayonara" the one japanese word I was familiar with ....figures! Goodbyes seem to be a running theme in my life lately....hate that word and all it entails. Guess all good things must come to an end, right?....whoever came up with that phrase anyway? As I get ready to say goodbye to Okinawa, Im sad to depart the safety, sweet people, sushi, and sunshine. The good news about goodbyes is usually a hello is in the near future...our hello will be to our old stomping ground, Quantico Virginia, which includes old friends and familiar places. Thank you Lord! So as my time on Oki comes to a quick close, I'm determined to savor every last bite of the best sushi in the world, tour the sights I still haven't seen, and relish every moment with the best of friends. oh and finish that okinawa memory forthcoming! All to be squished into a 5 month period...yikes, where does the time go?
Some Okinawan favorites...
Pure beauty

                   "Akebana" (Hibiscus) runs rampant throughout the island.

                                                             Okinawan Man
Mihama Village aka "American Village"

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David Johns said...

That's awesome, good stuff, you have a way with words, you should write a book someday. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Q-Town again someday, maybe Adam and I can do the Marine Corps Marathon again. Semper Fi!

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