Friday, June 10, 2011

Favorites Friday: Feeling fruity

We are heavily into hot scorching heat here in Northern Virginia and all I can think about is cold fruit (well and giving birth to this baby!)
Here's a tribute to all things fruity, delicious, and healthy!
 (even though my sister says I pick out the worst fruit at the grocery store!)

Fruitful centerpieces, great idea!

watermelon frosty

I might need to make this lemon wreath, so summery and fresh!
Source: via Jeni on Pinterest

More refreshing links:

An easy updo for summer

Boys and fishing, so happy together!

Outdoor spaces inspiration

LOve these art prints

Thank you for all the heart-warming comments and prayers regarding baby bo, I will keep you updated!

Come back next week for my DIY skirted console table!


J'Anns Boutique said...

I feel for a piece of watermelon right now...*sighs*

A Girl's Next Best Friend

Debra Turner said...

These beautiful photos remind me of why I love summer!

Urska M. said...

Omg.. you really kicked my ass with the photo of the watermelon frosty :) I want it <3 looks so yummy & fresh. Ohh, summer timeee!

Urska @

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