Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 5 positives of a vacation gone wrong!

Fort worth Texas was full of unexpected surprises from its cold front with highs in the 40's to my 4 yr old's instant sickness the minute we set foot in Texas. Were talking fevers, cold, cough and the runs! Needless to say there were many days spent in the hotel and trips to walmart for more pants and undies! Here's my list of positives that keep my head above water on a vacation gone wrong!

1. Found a really great indoor park we visited every morning due to the aforementioned bad weather.

2. Sickness makes a more sedated easier to handle Gideon!

3. I'm happily addicted to all Aveda products, thank you very much Marriott hotel for your free samples, which was conveniently nestled in Sundance square; great location.

Handsome husband ordering some southern bites at Vidalias; I highly recommend the fried green tomatoes.

Edamame at Piranha killer sushi restaurant!

4. It was too cold to enjoy any outdoor activities anyway!

Best Guacamole I've ever had made tableside at H3 ranch.

Found random petting zoo at the Stockyards.

Famous Longhorns!

What's a visit to Texas without a horseback ride?!

Our last day the sun shone through and we immediately found water.

The visit was completely worthwhile because of our time spent with Nana and Papa, isn't she so beautiful!

5. Thanks to the Drybar salon I had great hair while facing the unique challenges of this trip 
(more on that tomorrow!)

Obviously as evidenced by the pictures we still had a great time, despite climate setbacks and a sick kiddo!


this one said...

i just found your blog and i love it. i just moved from dc to cali so it reminds me of everything i miss about dc! plus, i used to work at the white house and the marine corps so i love reading about your husbands job! :)

keep blogging.

Anna said...

Oh, ugh. Sickness whilst traveling is one of life's true horrors. So hard.

But so happy you could find opportunity and snippets of health to enjoy your time.

And yes. Nana is a beauty!

Maria said...

Such beautiful pictures!

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