Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Coming attractions

I really wanted to do a 2010 summary, but time slipped away from me. So instead here's looking forward to 2011 and what's in store for us! Trip wise, were headed to upstate NY in February plus some skiing, Fort Worth in March, Alaska in the Spring and possibly Hawaii for Christmas! Phew, I'm tired just writing it all. Home projects include finding dining room chairs to complete the dining room.These pictured below would be so lovely!

I'm also taking on a skirted table project for a welcoming entrance downstairs, something like this one.

On top of my boldness resolution, I'm returning to old fashioned hand-written journaling again, one for my prayer time and one dedicated to my Dad full of memories and anecdotes about him; the perfect therapy! There's a few other surprises soon to be announced here on the blog, stay tuned!
Cheers to 2011, its gonna be a good one.


ACH said...

I would love to get back into journaling, too! What a great resolution.

Chette said...

hehehe I know the feeling. Too busy... but thank God I was able to summarize my 2010.. I'll be lookin forward seeing yours ;D

Cara said...

just found your adorable blog-looking forward to reading along :)

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