Thursday, June 10, 2010


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Lately in the midst of child-rearing woes with Gideon God has shed new light on my perspective; I must share. Let's see, there was his meltdown at the zoo in Fort Worth when my stroller pulled up to an oxygen tank attached to a little girl's trachea. Then, today while chasing Gideon at the mall I "happened" upon a Mom with two adopted children from Africa and one child was missing fingers and had club feet. My heart dropped in my chest and I could almost audible hear God say, "that is my heart."
I get so lost in my own mind and selfish world and completely lose perspective of the things that matter and break God's heart.

"Lord, I need your perspective, your eyes, but most of all your heart."

"And His are the hands that spread to die,
And His is a love that sacrificed
And we are the broken, the needy ones,
And He is the love"
{David Crowder}


GiGi said...

I am right there with you, Maria.
Right there.

I seem to always ask the question, "why is it so hard for me to keep things in perspective?".
I am in awe of other people's patience and kindness--and humiliated by the fact that some of these people don't even know the Lord.
Thank God for His grace, and love for us even in spite of our numerous faults/sins.

Btw..I wish I could attend your bible study--and not just for the snacks.

kiki said...

YES!! totally. connected thoughts! i was feeling that same way the other day after visiting my old work place and wrote a note on it too!

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