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Lately in the midst of child-rearing woes with Gideon God has shed new light on my perspective; I must share. Let's see, there was his meltdown at the zoo in Fort Worth when my stroller pulled up to an oxygen tank attached to a little girl's trachea. Then, today while chasing Gideon at the mall I "happened" upon a Mom with two adopted children from Africa and one child was missing fingers and had club feet. My heart dropped in my chest and I could almost audible hear God say, "that is my heart."
I get so lost in my own mind and selfish world and completely lose perspective of the things that matter and break God's heart.

"Lord, I need your perspective, your eyes, but most of all your heart."

"And His are the hands that spread to die,
And His is a love that sacrificed
And we are the broken, the needy ones,
And He is the love"
{David Crowder}