This weekend between my crazy shift, hubs gone, and sister out of town, my prayers ceaselessly uttered, "Please Lord provide."
Please provide a way out of the speeding ticket, I sooo deserved. Provide a way for my front wheel drive vehicle to safely reach Gideon 15 miles away in the 6 inches of snow. Then provide away for someone to cover my shift when he awoke that night with a 103 temp! What's amazing is He provided all of that and ticket, wonderful nurses to cover me, a plowed driveway without me asking, and a prescription of amoxicillin. I'm so humbled and unbelievably thankful. He really is Jehovah Jireh, our provider.

Entertaining Gideon at the hospital yesterday with balloon gloves!

This is random but a scene we came upon last weekend in NJ, that stretch of white is thousands of birds across a field, we pulled over right away and snapped this picture on my iphone!
Just reminds me of the Grand designer!