Monday, January 11, 2010

Anthro love

Have you seen the Anthropologie catalog? It's filled with ridiculously stunning european inspired images and beautiful clothes that are way too expensive, but let's window-shop anyway!

love this skirt

diggin the quirky rhino on the wall of course!

the dresser and chair, so unique

the skirt and the bread please!
sandals with macaroons, works for me!

lovely shirt


paula said...

I am always a fan of a little window shopping.

ms. less is always more said...

Yes, I'll window shop with you anytime! I love that 3 drawer dresser... it actually wouldn't be too hard to reproduce the look.... hmmmm.

The Southern Lady said...

Window shopping is so much fun!

I received our catalog this weekend and nearly squealed in delight. It was all so Parisian-from the haircut to the outfits, I was ready to grab the children and hop on a plane.

So pretty.

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