Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I heart Okinawa

Top ten things I'll miss about this gorgeous subtropical island:

1. Community
That's the tower where we live, not the prettiest thing in the world, but built to withstand typhoons and "where everybody knows your name"!

2. Sushi
Although you can find this easily stateside, the quality and flavor can't even compare.
Flickr Loves Sushi. Mmm. by drp(flickr)

3. Beaches

4. Parks

5. Goya
A vegetable packed with vitamin C also known as bitter melon for its taste. This is almost impossible to eat alone, but stir-fried with egg, ham, and tofu (goya champuru) and your good to go. I actually crave it at this point!
Goya. by *NanKuruNaiSa* [AWAY](flickr)

6. Vending machines
Dear Vending machine, Please come home with me, how will I ever quench my thirst without you?
I know your thinking what's the big whoop?! Well, these bad boys deliver both freezing cold drinks and hot coffee on literally every street corner, catering to all my needs.
Vending Machine Sunset by aviva.bowman.(flickr)

7. Pizza in the sky (restaurant)
Pizza in the Sky by Girl Journalist.
This is the yummy pizza.
Pizza in the Sky by A L VincentyLook-out from Pizza in the sky by kristaandrobie
This is your view while u eat the yummy pizza, divine!

8. Safety
I've yet to lock my car or home here, its like mayberry.
Let's Go Play! Join Me?  (tête-à-tête)  Okinawa, Japan 日本的冲绳岛 by 瑞士大龙.(flickr)

9. Okinawans
They are hands down the most generous, selfless, and loving people.
Peace by karenwalzer.(flickr)

10. Japanese Curry (my husband's)
This one's for him, although I do enjoy it, just not at the same frequency (once a week)!
coco's curry house = love by nikolas_preusser.


HouseAHolic said...

This is a great list, love the contrast on photo number 9!

Christine said...

Great list! Makes me want to plan a visit!

Struggler said...

That is one cool pizza restaurant! I can't imagine a nicer spot to sink my teeth into some melty cheese.

Christy said...

Wow what fabulous photos. I've never been to your blog before - found it from Hooked on Houses. I had no idea Okinawa was so safe. And that pizza looks divine - almost as good as the view from that restaurant!

Puna said...

Both my kids were born in Japan. It is special to my heart. We spent three years in Misawa.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I can see why you love all these things! How great to have vending machines like that on every corner. And the pizza looks delicious! The beaches look beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing these with us! I enjoyed this post. :-)

Jillian said...

Sooo interesting! Thanks for sharing with us! Now I'm craving sushi and pizza!


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